Wassan hang out live with cricket fans

Former Indian cricketer Atul Wassan and founder of TSD Corporation (TSD) Pankaj Rahul Singh shared their viewpoints on the ODI series against Australia, live with experts like Soumitra Bose, Kushan Sarkar along with Imam, an ardent cricket fan from Hyderabad, to acquire a clear picture on the ongoing transformation in the Indian Cricket Team.

TSD Corporation (TSD) has created Circle of Cricket, the first ever common platform in India to interact live with the cricket fans. Wassan, along with other experts, discussed the matter on the same panel.

Reflecting his views on the transformation of Indian cricket, Wassan said, "The thought process is changing in cricket, where we are still on the way to accept there will be specialist players for specialist format. With the introduction of T-20 matches, there are horses for courses and the players also have understood that they have to pursue on stream in order to make a mark."

Meanwhile, Imam called on India to give priority to player's ability rather than money.

"Cricket is a business now and there is so much money that a few cricketers would rather play for franchises than for the country. Performance should be counted and BCCI should develop a pool of players. Hunger to play for the nation should be given a priority and value rather than money."

These hangout sessions will build connections by promoting discussion on various issues which will give one the luxury of taking time to compose their thoughts and voice their opinions which get them directly connected and hence bridge the gap between the players and the ardent fans in the near future.(ANI)

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