Circle of Cricket Launches ‘The Cricket Cafe’ show, A Live and Digital Interactive Broadcast on Facebook to Share Compelling Dialogues on Cricket

Ø First of its kind digital interactive show on Cricket conducted live with experts

Ø Influencers and Fans brought together to bridge the gap

New Delhi: Circle of Cricket, World’s largest community of cricket lovers shaped by TSD Corp, has launched a unique initiative called the ‘The Cricket Café’, a first of its kind, LIVE and digital interactive broadcast on cricket, aired for its 26 million fan base every Friday evening. The show would see cricket experts, influencers and fans alike sharing a common platform to discuss latest topics and happenings in the sport of cricket, and not only Indian cricket but domestic & global as well.

The Cricket Cafe has been created to discuss about the cricket happening around the globe, hot topics and conversation about the sport and its players. The discussion panel, hosted by Umesh Lakhmani from Circle of Cricket and active participation from Nishant Arora, ex BCCI Media Manager, and now Cricket consultant with Circle of Cricket, sees an active participation from their extremely strong and vocal cricket community. Frequently accompanied by renowned journalists and influencers on sports on the show, the hosts conducts the interactive session with compelling dialogue with the participants. The conversations present an insight into the current scenarios within the cricketing community, its policies and governance with expert opinions that engages the audience to tune into the show. More importantly, its giving the fans a great platform to voice their opinions and they always have a lot to say.

The show is a refreshing move to engage cricket fans on a digital platform and provide them with a valuable input from the perception of the experts involved. Thousands of viewers tune in to the show and the number increases every weekend, showing that the love for cricket within the Indian audience is never ending. The show is aired ‘live’ and the discussion forum is well versed with insights of the cricketing world that is sometimes not known to the common audience. Their experience credits their opinions and provides the viewers with inside scoops that intrigue and keep them looking out for more.

About Circle of Cricket

‘Circle of Cricket’ is the world’s largest and fastest growing Cricket community and website delivering cricket news, info, analysis and sporting joy to millions of people around the globe every single day.

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